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Terms and Conditions as Frequently Asked Questions


Who we are, what we do and how we do it


We have presented our terms as questions and answers to help keep them as clear and simple as possible.

Who are LeadFair?


In 1995, before the web was the de facto place to trade, the business landscape was a very different place. It was back then that the team behind LeadFair built one of the first lead generation businesses on the Internet.

We started with the US market due to the lack of UK companies using the web at the time. We supplied the likes of Amazon and eBay with thousands of customers when they were just starting out.

Back in the UK though, we remember the blank looks on the faces of some prospective clients when we asked if they wanted leads from our websites - two business owners actually asked "what's a website?".

Times have changed and businesses are now very net aware and understand the importance of attracting online revenue. We now deliver thousands of leads per month from prospects who ask to be called about a particular product or service. They want you to sell to them - the opposite of cold calling.

Terms & Conditions

Get to know LeadFair by reading our FAQs

Financial Leads

We have built up huge experience supplying leads over the years and learnt that quality is of the utmost importance.

Leadfair only exists through repeat business, so without consistent quality, our customers simply wouldn't return. You only need to tell us your email address to get going; we, on the other hand, spend hours setting up a new account and preparing the site and advertising campaigns - the last thing we want is for a new customer to say no to buying further lead batches.

Your main point of contact will be Robert Brady. Please see "Behind the Scenes" for a bit more background.

Can anyone buy your leads?


In regards to financial leads, we only accept orders from FCA registered individuals or firms (directly regulated or appointed representatives) who can service whole of market nationally and can service a continuous flow of at least 10 leads per week. In regards to our claim leads, we only accept orders from MoJ registered individuals or firms. In regards to fine art leads, we work internationally with galleries, dealers and collectors. Back to Leads FAQ Menu

Can I resell your leads?


Resellers acting on behalf of regulated financial or claims companies are also welcome to apply. Please note that leads will only be sent to the regulated companies. Lead volume statistics that do not identify individual prospects will be sent to resellers on request. Back to Leads FAQ Menu

Why are web enquiry leads profitable?


We engage with potential clients at precisely the right moment. They're actively searching for your service on the web so are therefore highly likely to be interested in what your company offers.

These are not data lists or questionable hotkeys, but ethically attracted genuine leads from those who are actively seeking help. The marketplace is crowded and it is becoming even harder to penetrate. With web enquiry leads you will get heard through the noise of mass web and email marketing by customers who are actually seeking you out. You don't have to use the scattergun approach - web enquiry leads are much more subtler and pin-point targeted.

All monetary risk for the cost of domain name registration, building the sites, hosting, maintenance, future development and advertising is assumed by ourselves. You won't have to pay several thousand pounds for a further website or for advertising.

You can focus on converting your customer without worrying about having to attract that all-to-often elusive traffic to your website. You may not have the time or expertise to carry out the ever increasingly complicated task of web marketing. We will effectively become your marketing department and an additional channel of business for your company. Back to Leads FAQ Menu

How old are your leads?


Your leads will come through immediately, in real-time, after your prospective customer clicks the submit button. The prospect is directed to a thank-you page which reassures them that we have received their details. They will be given details of your company and told you will contact them. We will also give them your phone number and email address, so they can contact you immediately if preferred. If the prospect has given us a valid email address (the vast majority do), they will also receive a confirmation email with similar details to the thank you page included. Back to Leads FAQ Menu

Are there hidden extras to pay for?


There are absolutely no hidden extras, no joining fees. VAT is charged on the leads.

There is no auction/bidding system; each batch is a fixed price. You can plan your budget with more certainty. There are no tie-ins and the agreement can be ended by either party after the current batch has been fulfilled. You are in control of your own costs and there is no minimum time commitment. Back to Leads FAQ Menu

How long will it take to receive all my leads?


This depends on the lead type, but we aim to supply your first batch of leads within one to two weeks.

For a brand new customer, whilst we are establishing the advertising campaigns (often running into dozens of campaigns), we normally like to start slowly. This gives you a chance to get a feel for the leads and iron out any wrinkles in your systems. We can usually increase the lead flow after the first batch, depending on the pace you prefer.

Please just let us know how many you require and over what timescale. Some customers require just one or two leads per day, and others require dozens. Back to Leads FAQ Menu

What are our processes?


We keep things incredibly simple. We attract customers for your company who are searching the internet for the products and services you provide.

You will receive email enquiries from customers at the very time that they are searching for the things you offer. You only pay when they ask you to contact them.

All prospects are...
Lead Generationtold your company name and expect contact
Lead Generationlooking for you, not the other way around
Lead Generationself-qualified and highly motivated buyers
Lead Generationinformed about your products or services

We do not use intrusive types of marketing, all our leads are generated by non-invasive, passive marketing - your leads will be sourced only from people who are looking for help. They'll include prospects from all over the UK.

100% of our leads are generated from sites owned by us. We seek consistent quality so we never buy leads from other companies. Unlike many lead generators we use non-aggressive techniques - we do not use affiliates, call centres, lifestyle questionnaires, send unsolicited emails or outsource our services. We own all of the lead generating sites and before we launch your account, we will show you exactly which site(s) your leads will come from. You will know exactly where every lead comes from.

When established as a customer, you will receive leads on a rolling basis. Leads may continue to be delivered and charged for on a rolling basis after batch completion and will not necessarily be stopped by LeadFair until expressly requested by customer whether invoiced or not. You can of course stop the leads at any time. Back to Leads FAQ Menu

How do we get your leads


It's a very transparent process. Our highly targeted in-house marketing has a huge reach of over 90% of the UK's Internet population.

To attract our prospects, we purchase over 10 million ads per month which appear on a range of sites that include The Times, Guardian, Telegraph, Daily Mail, Mirror, Independent, FT, Sky, Virgin Media, Reuters, The Sun, The Express, Evening Standard, This is Money and Facebook.

Leads From The Guardian Leads From The Times Leads From The Mirror Leads From The Telegraph Leads From Sky Leads From Facebook Leads From Virgin-Media Leads From The Sun Leads From The Independent Leads From The Financial-Times Leads From The Daily-Mail Leads From The London-Evening-Standard

Your prospective customer sees these ads, clicks on them and visits one of our websites. They learn about the product or service on the site and complete an enquiry form with their contact details.

Lead GenerationPremium leads at a fair price
Lead GenerationLeads arrive the second the enquiry button is clicked
Lead GenerationLeads can be delivered to multiple email addresses
Lead GenerationLinks to terms and privacy page on every website page
Lead GenerationNo log-ins, passwords or complicated technology

Lead GenerationYou have control of the compliance
Lead GenerationReceive leads at your own pace
Lead GenerationNo hidden extras, joining fees or contracts
Lead GenerationRetain your exclusive customer for life
Lead GenerationGet referrals from customers' families and friends

Unlike some lead providers, we do not incentivise prospects to fill in forms with giveaways or gimmicks - they have no reason to enquire other than to make contact with you about your service. Back to Leads FAQ Menu

What is your replacement policy?


Duplicates received from our sites are not chargeable and we always replace obvious "Mickey Mouse", "Joe Bloggs" type leads. We would normally recognise these types of leads as they come through (we monitor all leads manually) and delete them from your account so they are not charged. Complaints about individual leads must be made with one month of receipt. Back to Leads FAQ Menu

How do I make a complaint?


We hope you will never have cause to complain about our service to you. If you are unhappy about any part of our service, please let us know so we have the opportunity of putting it right. However, if you wish to register a complaint, simply email us with your complaint within 5 working days of the issue arising. We aim to resolve all issues within 5 working days. Complaints about leads must be made within one month of receipt. If you need to make a complaint, you can do so as follows:

In writing: LeadFair Ltd, Swift House, 18 Hoffmans Way, Chelmsford, Essex. CM1 1GU
By Phone: 01245 465473
By email: team@leadfair.co.uk
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Can I buy a lower quantity of leads at a time?


Lead generation is a numbers game; the same as all types of marketing. For example, if you bought five leads and failed to convert one, you might be tempted to blame this on the leads, when, in reality, the blame would lie with the small sample of leads (opportunities) open to you. We therefore set a minimum volume of leads, as this increases the likelihood that you'll achieve a level of conversion rates that guarantee that you'll return to buy more leads. Back to Leads FAQ Menu

Can I do a deal with you to reduce the price per lead?


Sorry, no. Please remember when buying leads that it is not so much the cost per lead that is important, but the cost per client acquisition. This is of course tied into the conversion rate. We set our prices per lead in relation to the ease or difficulty connected with the acquisition of the leads.

It may seem an obvious thing to say, but lead generation is performance based and you will therefore know exactly how much you have made from a certain spend. Compare this to other advertising models where it's often impossible to know what has worked and what hasn't.

Nowadays, corporate control of lead pricing is an illusion; the reality is the market is in control. We recognise that if we don't supply you with leads at an affordable price, you simply won't return. Back to Leads FAQ Menu

What are your conversion rates?


It really depends on your product and service offering, back-end systems, speed of contact, team's sales skills, perseverance and fee structures, but overall, the feedback we get from our clients is that they get between a 10 and 25% conversion rate with financial leads and between 50 and 60% with claim leads with 2 claims on average per lead. Back to Leads FAQ Menu

Are your leads exclusive?


Yes, all of our leads are exclusive; you will not find these leads anywhere else. All prospects not only have given permission for you to call, but actively seek to be called.

Some lead providers display your competitors' ads on the page your prospect sees after they submit their enquiry, therefore ensuring that you have an uphill struggle converting your leads. We strongly believe that this type of activity leads to severe dilution of lead quality. Back to Leads FAQ Menu

Does LeadFair cross-sell to their client's prospects?


Unlike some other lead companies, we do not add your client to our own or others' marketing databases.

LeadFair will never resell your leads to other financial companies or cross-sell to your customers. Although we don't cross-sell, obviously you can. For instance:

Lead GenerationFollowing the pension reforms, some will want to use their drawdown funds for a deposit on a BTL.
Lead GenerationYour buy to let mortgage customer may also buy landlord insurance.
Lead GenerationYour mortgage customer may also buy life insurance.
Lead GenerationYour life insurance customer may also buy critical illness insurance.
Lead GenerationYour keyperson insurance customer may also buy director share protection.
Lead GenerationYour debt management customer may also be interested in utility-cost reduction.
Lead GenerationYour missold mortgage claim customer may also need help with a packaged bank account refund.

If a customer uses your service once, then the chances are they will again in the future. And even if you don't offer some products directly, your client may be willing to take your recommendation for someone who does. This can earn you a referral fee from the third party.

To improve user experience on our websites, we will occasionally contact prospects for feedback on their experience with the site and related processes. Under no circumstances will we attempt to sell to them. Back to Leads FAQ Menu

Do you qualify your leads?


All of our leads are from prospects who are searching for help. This means that the prospect has approached us through one of our websites and specified their requirements, requesting that a professional makes contact with them. They're looking for you, not the other way round. They are therefore self-qualified. All visitors will therefore either be expecting contact through a telephone call or an email from you. This more than satisfies "express consent" guidelines. Back to Leads FAQ Menu

Can you provide postcode specific leads?


We only supply leads to companies that accept nationwide coverage. Most companies never visit their prospects. Thanks to the Internet, they do everything using email, over the phone and by post. Back to Leads FAQ Menu

How do I receive my leads?


When a contact form is submitted via a website enquiry, it is allocated to you directly by email. If the prospect has given us a valid email address, a confirmation of submission is sent to the enquirer which includes your company and contact details. This means that the prospect may also contact you with a phone call or email. If you let us know your office hours, we can include them on the thank you page and confirmation email. Back to Leads FAQ Menu

How many people can receive a copy of the leads?


Leads can go to as many staff members as you wish - all we need is their email addresses. Back to Leads FAQ Menu

Can I try some free leads?


Unfortunately we are not in a position to offer trials before the campaigns are actually launched. This is because the marketing has to be put in place at the outset and this has significant financial and time implications for us. Each customer has multiple, individual campaigns so they can be adjusted as necessary. We would therefore need a financial commitment from the outset. Remember, after fulfilment, you will have absolutely no obligation to order a second batch. Back to Leads FAQ Menu

Do you use comparison tables on your sites?


No, comparison sites have been heavily criticised in the media and by the FCA for their lack of independence and incomplete information. Consumers often don't realise that they are not getting the complete picture. This could lead to compliance issues. Back to Leads FAQ Menu

What about compliance?


You have full control of compliance. We show you the site(s) that will generate your leads before we launch your account. If you are unhappy with any aspect of the site or the wording does not completely fit your compliance or business model, we will change it. Back to Leads FAQ Menu

What are your disclaimers?


We do not warrant or guarantee that access to the LeadFair website or its associated lead generating sites will be uninterrupted. However, our sites, which are hosted through Microsoft Certified Partners, have an industry beating up-time of 99.97%.

The agreement will be interpreted, construed and enforced in all respects in accordance with the laws of England, and you and LeadFair Ltd irrevocably submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts. The LeadFair website is controlled and operated from offices in the UK and makes no representations or warranties that its content or use is legal in other locations.

If you do not agree to all the terms and conditions on this page, please do not use this website. Use of any internal or external links on the LeadFair website constitutes acceptance of the terms on this page. If you do not agree with these terms, please exit this site by closing the browser window.In order to use this service you must agree to be legally bound and to abide by the terms and to indemnify and hold the operators of LeadFair and its associated websites harmless from all alleged or actual damages, claims and expenses relating to any warrant or representations made. This also includes, without limitation, lawyers' fees. Neither LeadFair nor any of the site's administrators, editors or contributors shall be liable for any loss or damages suffered as a result of any use of the site, including but not limited to direct loss, consequential loss and loss of profits. We are not responsible for phone charges or any other charges relating to expenses incurred in contacting prospects.

LeadFair is provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis. We shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages. This includes, without limitation and even if we are advised of the possibility thereof, any damages for loss of goodwill or any and all other commercial damages or losses including loss of profit, that result from the use of, or inability to use LeadFair and its associated lead generating sites. The user agrees to indemnify us from mistakes, omissions, errors, interruptions, delays of service or performance, defects, harmful components, viruses and bugs, howsoever caused.

If a term, covenant, provision, or condition of this agreement becomes, or shall be held by any court of competent jurisdiction to be against public policy or illegal, all remaining provisions of this agreement shall remain in full force and effect and unaffected, impaired or invalidated by this decision. The invalidated item shall be modified by the parties to the full extent possible to carry out all the intentions and directives stated in this agreement. Whilst it is not our intention to do so, the operators of the LeadFair website reserves the right to change its policies and terms at any time. Any such changes will be posted on this page. Please note that headings are for reading convenience only and are not to be used in the interpretation of this agreement. Back to Leads FAQ Menu

How can I pay?


Payment is by bank electronic transfer. We will supply further details by email. Back to Leads FAQ Menu

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