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Who We Are


A Bit of Background


We were one of the very first professional online UK lead generators back in 1995. Having already supplied millions of website enquiry leads, this gives us huge experience. We are now one of the UK's best known lead suppliers.

We provide an easy, economical and, most importantly, financially measurable way to buy leads.

We strongly believe we provide the best UK lead service, but please don't just take our word for it, scroll down to read what our clients say.

What We Do


Increasing Net Value


We attract customers for you that are searching the web for the products and services you provide.

You will receive email enquiries from potential customers at the very time that they are searching for the things you offer. You only pay for prospects that want you to contact them.

All prospects are...

  • told your company name and expect contact
  • looking for you, not the other way around
  • self-qualified and highly motivated buyers
  • informed about your products or services

Increase Your Income

Use us as an additional
sales channel to attract
more customers

Leads For Sale

How We Do It


Getting Your Leads


Our marketing has a huge reach of over 90% of the UK's Internet population.

To attract our prospects, we purchase over 10 million ads per month which appear on a range of sites that include The Times, Guardian, Telegraph, Daily Mail, Mirror, Independent, FT, Sky, Virgin Media, Reuters, The Sun, The Express, Evening Standard, This is Money and Facebook.

Leads From The Guardian Leads From The Times Leads From The Mirror Leads From The Telegraph Leads From Sky Leads From Facebook Leads From Virgin-Media Leads From The Sun Leads From The Independent Leads From The Financial-Times Leads From The Daily-Mail Leads From The London-Evening-Standard

Your prospect sees these ads, clicks on them and visits one of our websites. They learn about the product or service on the site and complete an enquiry form with their contact details. For most lead types, your leads will come from a site branded with your company name - we will adjust the site to best reflect your business model.

  • Premium leads at a fair price
  • Leads arrive the second the enquiry button is clicked
  • Leads can be delivered to multiple email addresses
  • Links to terms and privacy page on every website page
  • Your industry regulation number on every webpage
  • No log-ins, passwords or complicated technology
  • You have full control of compliance
  • Receive leads at your own pace
  • Start receiving leads within 48 hours
  • No hidden extras, joining fees or contracts
  • Retain your exclusive customer for life
  • Get referrals from customers' families and friends

Exclusivity and Transparency


We Only Ever Sell A Lead Once


Unlike some other lead companies, your leads will be exclusive to you. LeadFair will never resell the leads to other clients or cross-sell to your customers.

Although we don't cross-sell, obviously you can. For instance a mortgage customer may also buy insurance from you. Likewise, following the pension reforms, many annuity or pension release customers will want to use their drawn down funds for a deposit for a buy to let mortgage.

We seek consistent quality, so we do not buy leads in, use affiliates or send unsolicited emails. We own all of the lead generating sites and We will show you the website where your leads will come from before we start sending them so you will know exactly where your leads come from.



We Love Hearing From Our Customers


Lead I wanted to just drop you a quick email of appreciation. I have worked with approximately 30 lead companies over the years and you are by far the best. The way that you have delivered in terms of the site and also the quality of the leads that are coming through is fantastic. It is very refreshing to meet a lead provider that delivers and I have no problem recommending you to any of your potential clients.buy-leads

Lead LeadFair have so far proved to be incredibly easy to deal with and have reacted very quickly and positively to optimise the quality of leads we are receiving. Following a successful test period I had no hesitation to increase our spend with them and have seen immediate results. The team can't get enough leads due to the quality of them."buy-leads

Lead Business is about working with the right stakeholders. Our business cannot be run without a strong, reliable and, most of all, quality supplier of leads. Not only do you get the image of a blue chip firm, but also a very friendly, patient, understanding supplier who will ALWAYS be at hand to ensure all requirements and demands are met. We have tried working with many lead providers and none meet the professionalism, service and quality of LeadFair. You will also never have to worry about the technical side of the lead generation, so, in effect, your company has now adopted a whole department for marketing and sales. Best of all, LeadFair have the patience to work at your pace no matter how small a company you are.buy-leads

Lead LeadFair have provided exactly what they promised. We have received hundreds of good quality leads with enough relevant information to make conversions from leads to clients very quickly, which has enabled this company to grow every week. We have always found LeadFair professional and extremely easy to do business with, they are supportive and helpful no matter what the nature of the enquiry. I would highly recommend them.buy-leads

Lead We have been receiving leads from Robert and his team at LeadFair for over 12 months now. The leads are the best quality that we have received compared to leads from any other company and so good that we now only take leads from LeadFair. The quality is second to none and we have been achieving a high conversion rate, leading to increased revenues for our business. Nothing is too much trouble from Robert and his team and he has been very helpful and informative in helping to develop our business. We would recommend LeadFair for any company thinking of purchasing financial leads.buy-leads More Testimonials

Copies of the original testimonials are available on request. Some testimonials have been shortened for brevity.

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