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Pension Claim Leads


We attract customers for your company who are searching the internet for help with an pension claim.

You will only receive details of prospects who have asked for a call. If a prospect does not want to talk about a missold pension when they are called, we will replace.

These are extremely "hot" leads that come through immediately when the prospect presses the enquiry submit button and they are people who specifically want to talk to you about claiming compensation for their missold pension. If they claim they didn't (one every now and again will say they didn't after changing their mind because they now don't want to talk), we will happily replace that lead. Additionally, most will have given their mailing address and will expect a pack in the post.

We engage with potential pension claim clients at precisely the right moment. They're actively searching for your service on the web so are therefore highly likely to be interested in what your company offers.

The individual leads will come through immediately, in real-time, after the prospect clicks the submit button. The prospect is directed to a thank-you page which reassures them that we have received their details.

They will be given details of your company and told you will contact them.

We will also give them your phone number and office hours, so they can phone you immediately if they prefer. If they give us their email address as well as their phone number (the vast majority do), they will also receive a confirmation email with similar details to the thank you page included.

We seek consistent quality, so 100% of our pension claim leads are generated from sites owned by us - we never buy leads from other companies. We do not use affiliates, call centres, lifestyle questionnaires, send unsolicited emails or outsource our services. We will show you the website where your leads will come from before we start sending them so you will know exactly where your leads come from.

We are determined to ensure that you return after your first batch to buy our pension claim leads in greater volume. A relatively small initial outlay gives you the opportunity to test this easily monitorable investment.

If you need reassurance, please read what our clients have said about us.

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How Much Do Your Pension Claim Leads Cost?


We Deliver Exactly What We Promise


Batches consist of 10 pension claim leads at £500 per lead.

There are absolutely no hidden extras, joining fees, no tie-ins and duplicates and obvious "Mickey Mouse" leads are not chargeable. There will be no commitment to continue after the first batch.

All prospects will have asked for you to call and all leads will be exclusive (one lead, one Claims Management Company).

If you would like to go ahead, the process is extremely simple. All we need is your FCA or SRA number and the email address(es) you would like the leads sent to. We will then set up a website with your details and if there is anything on the site that does not fit your business model or ethos, we will change it for you before launch.

After payment, you will start to receive your leads within 4 working days and we aim to supply your first batch within two to three weeks. We normally like to start slowly, giving you a chance to get a feel for the leads and iron out any wrinkles in your systems. We can usually increase the lead flow after the first batch, depending on the pace you prefer. Please just let us know how many you require and over what timescale.

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