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Behind the Scenes


Increasing Net Value

We understand that our clients need reassurance before they commit to buying leads, especially if it's their first time.

Hopefully we can remove doubts by showing you our Testimonials, About Us and Frequently Asked Questions pages, but you may also like to know who your main LeadFair contact will be.

Robert Brady, the owner of LeadFair, established his first leads website in 1995. He has since delivered several million real-time, exclusive leads to over 2000 companies worldwide.

He has provided freelance consultancy services for dozens of businesses, including multinational and international corporations and has been successful in creating substantial and sustainable revenue for many companies.

Robert was responsible for the development of the website named as the best new ecommerce site in the UK.

Stephen Timms, Government Minister for E-Commerce said: LeadI am an enthusiastic supporter of compelling web content which can help drive our ambition of UK e-commerce leadership. I congratulate Robert Brady on his contribution to sites whose excellence has been recognised in the latest e-commerce awards.buy-leads

Robert Brady

Personal Testimonials


Kind Words From Talk Attendees

Robert was invited by the UK Government to provide consultancy services and give a series of speeches and talks on e-business, traffic building and best practice.

Thousands of people attended these events that started with the opening of the first Government backed e-Commerce Centre in the UK and culminated at the Foreign Press Association in Westminster.

Consequently, the talks were commended in a speech to the Lord Mayor of London at the Mansion House, where over 200 guests attended a luncheon for the communications, publicity, advertising and media industry.

The feedback, where Robert revealed how anyone can also achieve dramatic rises in their online business, was very encouraging:

LeadI was and still am, absolutely and utterly blown away by your knowledge, what you have achieved via the internet and the possibilities for other businesses... I thank you for a highly informative and exciting talk, I came home amazed by the possibilities.buy-leads  Lorna Holmes - Wagtails by Instinctively Cats and Dogs

LeadI found what you said was excellent, as it put into context a lot of the snippets that I have picked up along the way, especially about the way search engines work. I noticed lots of nodding heads amongst the audience which is always a good thing.buy-leads  Mark Bannister - The English National Opera

LeadHad I not attended one of your seminars, I would not have the benefit of some very valuable knowledge. The internet is a complete minefield to most SMEs, and your passion, understanding and genuine concern for small to medium enterprises is both refreshing and rewarding. I would urge any SME who uses the internet in any shape or form to get themselves a meeting with Mr. Brady and his team.buy-leads  Gregory Baker - Sofcomit IT Recruitment Solution Specialists

LeadIt really was an excellent seminar and the most useful I have attended on any Web based subject.buy-leads  Di Chapman - Virtual Office Services

LeadThat was absolutely excellent! I got a lot more out of it than I imagined.buy-leads  Sonia Ambrose - Directconnections.co.uk

LeadI highly commend this seminar. It has already proven well worth while.buy-leads  Elton Hurrell - VB & Web Developer - Merricks Solicitors

LeadThat was really fascinating. I've been to many seminars and that was the best I've ever been to.buy-leads  Nick Briggs - Sellandmove.com

LeadI'm gobsmacked, that was easily the most interesting seminar I've ever been to. I was truly fascinated by your knowledge!buy-leads  Ian Vernon - Creative Marketing Solutions

LeadThank you for a powerful morning of tips and secrets on increasing web traffic. I think the mark of a good seminar is being able to hit the ground running with new things to try and different ways to arrive at solutions - your talk certainly got me going.buy-leads  Andrew C Westoby - Seevic College

LeadThank you very much indeed, the seminar was deemed a great success!buy-leads  Margaret Frewer - Chairman - The Publicity Club of London

LeadJust to say a big thank you for your presentation this morning. You have clearly put a lot of work into the presentation, and covered a wide range of possibilities for the webmaster, both experienced and novices. I am sure that I am not the only one who walked away at the end of the conference enlightened and more knowledgeable.buy-leads  Scott Whitehead - Project Manager - Zest City Inc.

LeadI thoroughly enjoyed your talk and learned a lot. Your passion shone through - keep it up!buy-leads  Deborah Swallow - Director of the Professional Speakers Association - Professionalspeakers.org

LeadEven as a very 'net-aware' IT consultant and web designer, I found the seminar extremely useful, and can now give my customers even more help in generating revenue from their web presence.buy-leads  David Miles - Network Designs

LeadAbsolutely brilliant!buy-leads  David Anderson - Global Films

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